Wednesday, 13 July 2016



I've struggled with meeting new people and making new friends for a long time. For the majority of my life, I was scared to introduce myself, and I didn't know what to say about myself. I wondered how people saw me - and if they saw what I saw in the mirror (I didn't like what I saw).

How quickly things change.

Now I'm here, making fun of my co-workers (10 years my senior), laptop running out of space because of all the RAW images I'm hoarding (most of which I still haven't edited), and a social calendar I wouldn't have dreamed of two years ago. Two years ago, I was sitting on my panda-print bedsheets, saying out loud that "In uni ... I'm going to be a homebody. I'm not going to go out, and my friends are going to be few but close." It turns out now, that I only got part of that prediction right, if any at all.

Everyone does friendships differently. I have friendships that take place in classrooms and lecture theatres, where we give sneaky side-eyes, and whisper a joke, and share a late night lecture snack. I also have friendships from way back when, which are less regular, but are next-level special. I have friendships where we talk about how was your day, and how shit is this, how funny is this meme, how amazing is this song, and how great are these shoes.

The other day, I went out with Alice, Elle and Tara, and we covered everything from your highlighter is so lit, to the right to have an opinion in democracy, and where the fuck is the Jigglypuff.
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