Monday, 26 January 2015

episode 2

I do in fact realise that it's entirely inappropriate to blog about your job - but given that I'm not actually paid for this and that I have a miniscule audience, I'm going to let this one slide. When I first started the internship hunting, I didn't entirely expect the kinds of circumstances I got at Popcherry. I was prepared for mundane intern work, but not entirely for being left to limited resources and people who didn't really seem to have the time to really invest in discussing ideas.

Although the case an also be made that perhaps this is not an opportunity for me to learn how to fight for my interests in the worklace. Unpleasant points aside,  perks so far have included shooting the lovely Angie in Popcherry stock.

I'm all for expanding my portfolio.


See you sometime! Love, M.

PS - are there any UTS kids out there? I feel terribly alone at the moment.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

such great highs

I've been away from the relentless pursuit of creative self-criticism and project-planning. To be honest, it was probably what I needed. A ceaseless desire to fill up each space on my calendar is - while productive, not a sustainable attitude to life. But all breaks come to an end, and I'm trying to summon up the energy to dive into the busy days ahead.

And here's some photos from today to kick off the new year, fresh start vibe! Helen is fantastic to work with. It was all good laughs and lots of talking. Hopefully I'll be able to organise some more content in the near future.


Wishing everyone all the best with all their university admissions and 2015 pursuits. My advice is to repeat: "everything will be alright" to yourself in times of great anxiety and fragile self-confidence.

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