Thursday, 13 March 2014

JRAHS - Birthdays

Today was SRC induction, and because our school isn't having any normal assemblies this term, we had to do it during sports assembly. It occurred to me after I got my badge and after listening to a conversation a couple of my friends had about prefects that people view these leadership opportunity things in different ways. If you're too eager for it, you seem pretentious or try-hard, but others might see it as taking initiative and through and through a good thing. And sometimes it does vary from person to person. But that's why my badge is still in its tiny little plastic sealant bag thing. I'll pin it onto my blazer later.

On a happier note it was YY's birthday today! Editing the colours for this was so hard.

There are also these signature bears from the grade above us (who are currently running around first year uni) and somebody had drawn these really intense tattoos and what not onto the bears. The one on the right has this super hectic gangsta dragon tattoo across his chest and over his shoulder. So G.

Also I really should have cropped his awkward leg out but I can't be bothered at the moment. I have to study and all that.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oxford Street - Epping (Sweetness)

This morning, I headed out to Sweetness the Patisserie to grab a birthday gift for my friend. My mother came with and brought along all her past pastry chef expertise which I was incredibly thankful for. I don't think enough people really appreciate good pastry, or understand it. Sweetness used to sell Opera cakes for $50-60 I think, but they've discontinued that because it's just not profitable to do so anymore. And there's no way they can compete with generic bakeries that sell cakes for ~$20. It's something that comes about when people don't understand baking. Uneducated, uncultured consumer base and all that. It's just a terrible shame. My mother was so disappointed. This post is incredibly eyegasmic. I hope Manjekah enjoys!

My mother was very excited about the fresh batch that the sales assistant was preparing. The assistant was so lovely, I've always been really iffy about taking photos in retail stores. Like some stores might be really antsy about it even though retail spaces are still essentially public. But I asked for permission and she was totally cool with it. I think social media integration also plays a part. Also sometimes I just feel weird having a camera taking photos of a shop.

I really want to try their caramel-coated popcorn. Actually, lately I've just had an obsession with everything caramel. I kind of can't believe I wasn't into it when I was younger. Also they let me try some of their toffee and I freaking love it. I bought some for my friend's birthday and like oh my goodness I really want some, but obviously I can't. Also this is becoming one of the most image-heavy posts so far (admittedly not a difficult feat), but still.

Also Sweetness is well-known for their marshmallows, but really they're more like a widely appealing type of thing, their actual quality isn't that much to talk about. They do look really good though, all pretty pastels! Also above, is a marshmallow sandwich I think.

Shooting the marshmallows was difficult, because their packaging blurs all their outlines, so really the only way to not make the image a fuzzy blue of colour is to have the handles in sharp focus. I still kind of like looking at them though, they're quite pleasing to the eye.

Sweetness also has a corner where they sell ingredients, which I find adorable, haha. But yes, so ends this post, and all its pastry-filled glory. I just wanted to eat everything while I was there. And all the pastels were lovely. I did struggle because plastic packaging isn't the most flattering thing, nor was it the easiest thing to focus on. It's such a lovely patisserie. I highly recommend it as a source of gifts and special treats or what not. Also going inside just makes you feel good because everything is just so lovely.
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