Tuesday, 28 January 2014

USYD - City Wandering

It's the last day of the holidays and I'm feeling just mixed feelings right now. On one hand, I'm kind of looking forward to going back to school just so I can see all my friends again. Catch up and all. But summer holidays are honestly incredible and such a wonderful experience. Like it's so good to go out or just take time off to focus on important things (like hobbies and spending quality time with friends). Today I went out with Leo and it'll probably be the last time I'll see him in at least two weeks. I think we'll survive. We wandered around USYD campus first, admiring all the prettiness. It dawned on me that I probably won't end up studying there (although I was rather set on it earlier on) depending on what I end up wanting to do with my life. Big issues there haha.

And then we went on an extensive walk around places in city. It was nice to kind of walk around aimlessly. I guess when you're with somebody you love anything feels alright so long as you're with them. There was a lot of wandering in between QVB and the Galeries, which are all nice places I guess. We found a fluro green set of overalls at Topshop and I tried them on. They didn't look as bad as I expected, as it turned out. And once again, we didn't go to N2 ice cream. This is a running gag in our relationship oh dear. 

We got ice cream and gelato though, so I think that made up for it. Lemon gelato is our all-time cannot-ever-go-wrong flavour, and I'm so glad it exists. And we tried macadamia and caramel this time. It was surprisingly lovely. I was quite happy I went with that choice. $7 for two scoops is pricey, but quantity does usually pay for quality and this was not an exception. 
Nikon d5000, 35mm f1.8 | edited in PS CS2

Saturday, 25 January 2014


These past two days, Sen has been over filming his Ext 2 major work and during the first day of filming my 35mm had actually arrived - exactly after we had finished filming a cut! (The timing was absolutely superb) And we took some test shots using the new lens during the last few hours of the shoot but of course, the obligatory mirror shot which I took this morning:

So today was a 6 month anniversary and the plan was to go to Collaroy but given forecasts of strong winds, we fell back to our (always) backup of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA is generally very on/off with the exhibitions that they bring in but I was perfectly delighted to have gone seen Yoko Ono's WAR IS OVER (if you want it). I really adored the interactive chess - we played two games and I lost both. Chess has never been my thing, as it turns out.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Carlingford - West Ryde

I think during the last few weeks of holidays - or the last week of 2 -week holidays, I always grow restless and really wish I could head back to school and just start term already. So I guess the cadet meeting we held at school today was a breath of fresh air (old air, technically, because during term, I'm there, day in, day out). I think I just really miss my friends.
Two of the senior rank are avid bike riders.  I kind of wish I had one of those simple, cute, vintage ones, but then I realise I am never going to bike anywhere, except like, the local park, because I am scared that I will re-enact a childhood accident where I slid down a hill and had epic cuts and grazes down the length of one arm.
The blue Volkswagen Beetle is a vehicle that I've always adored, if only for its shape. I'm rather charmed by its curves and I eye it enviously from my window whenever it's parked. Volkswagon stopped manufacturing this model and when I found out I was absolutely horrified. I may have to buy a Toyota GT86 now for my first car.
Nikon d5000, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G kit lens | edited in PS CS2

I am still desperately awaiting my new baby and dearly hoping my mum will come home and verify her payment with Digital Camera Warehouse so they'll actually ship the beautiful thing. Clearly, I am very in love with my new lens, and I haven't even touched it yet. I hope I won't disappoint myself with mediocre skill. (I'll try.)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Meadowbank Ferry Wharf

After a BBQ dinner yesterday evening, mum kicked Steven and I out of the house. Go to the river she said. Family bonding. Thank goodness for riverside golden hour. Perks of living in West Ryde which is only say, 5 minutes drive from Meadowbank.
Nikon d5000, 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G kit lens | edited in PS CS2 

In other news, can't wait for my first ever prime lens. 

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