Friday, 12 December 2014

Gridded (Part 2/2)

Film photography is both the starting point and the aspiration for anybody with an even slight interest in aiming a camera. The #selective crew may have done a little impulse spending with our newest acquisition (we vow never to research alternative prices offered for this camera), but at the end of the day, I don't think we really regret anything at all.
Also, building a camera is truly relationship-building.

The next couple of days were spent cradling our new lomography konstruktor and slowly working out its idiosyncrasies and truly coming to understand it as the newest edition to our expensive family of camera gear. We may have wasted half or more of our first roll of Ilford B/W film, but it's a learning process. There's no point in crying over overexposed/underexposed film.

We got excited about some things we spotted on the streets. Photography brands be repping big signs.

Chinatown wanderings meant a compulsory visit to a Shanghainese restaurant. Despite good reviews, we were disappointed. It seems that Sydney remains a better provider of authentic Chinese cuisine. Melbourne has yet to catch up.

All in all, Melbourne was good for us. We needed the break, and we needed each other for a while. I may crave filled up schedules and a busy lifestyle, but I guess I also needed time to slow down and cast away concerns. No deadlines, no worries. Good things will come so long as you work for it. I like to reassure myself with these thoughts.
Love, M.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Grid Cities (Part 1/2)

Thinking about it now, I don't really know what the best way to recall a holiday is. Whenever you think back to a holiday - at least this is the case for me - I imagine it as a blur of miscellaneous events, and not necessarily in order. That isn't to say that visiting Melbourne was a forgettable experience, but it's just that memory is kind of fickle. Memory isn't all that accurate. I can't tell you in absolute clarity and accuracy the details of what we did. In fact, when I caught up with some friends earlier today and tried to share with them my experience of Melbourne, I found myself not truly being able to communicate everything.

There's a limit to how much we can share, I guess.


During our visit to the NGV, I think I was reminded of my distant artistic interests. But truthfully, as much as I can regret, and long for - there is not enough time for listless musings and pseudo-midlife-crisis-depression. If you have regrets, force yourself into productivity. Either take back what you have lost or postponed, or forge onwards in a different direction. If you have abandoned your dreams for practicality, respect yourself enough to excel at the alternative life. And on goes the ruthless self-discipline.

Perhaps one day I will be my own Jedi master and write the self-help book to end all other self-help books.


The artist invited us to choose some words to pin. We chose words that we thought truly encapsulated our positions in life. #poorstudentlife

I figure I'll stop it here, before we go into some more exciting things next post.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

George St

The irony in the title is that I spent most of my day on George St but the one photo I post wasn't even taken on George St. And my purpose for going out was actually a job interview, not to do photography. But the story is that around a month and more ago, I emailed an online fashion publication looking for street style photographers. At first, when I thought about it, street style can't be that hard. But then when they wanted me to ask strangers for permission to take a photo of them.

It got hard. Really hard.

But I thought back to a piece of advice that pretty much amounted to:
1) Hi, excuse me.
2) You look awesome / Your outfit looks amazing
3) Can I take a photo of you?

It was still really, really hard. But I'm halfway through my assignment now, and even though I felt like an idiot, I guess it amounted to something. And smiling really helps.

Still slightly terrified, love,

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

10% Battery

I'm writing this on my new macbook on 10% battery life, which I believe will spurn me on to finish this post quickly (and hopefully still manage to format all my images satisfactorily). I'm doing this to send out my photography excitement into the void of the internet, and wait, like a sad little hermit (that I arguably am) for all the formal photos of BHHS Class of 2014 to turn up in the following days. If there's one thing I am good at in life, it's stalking photos of pretty girls that I don't know, and telling myself off for wishing I could be pretty like them too.

Silly Michelle, what happened to all that about empowerment? And feeling good about yourself? But I really would like to have hair like that. Or legs that long. I guess there's always something you can't have, but you'd like. Maybe it's the fact that what you want to be is so unattainable - and that's what drives you towards to and attracts you even more.

Stop being so deep. Look at some pretty photos of a lovely lady.


The funny thing about the title of this post, is that a friend of mine and I talking last night agreed on the problem of battery power that all photographers faced. And yet I don't think I've reached a point where shooting has drained my battery to a critical condition. I've yet to take photos until my battery was completely drained.

Maybe one day. Love, M.

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Camera Comfort

Doing some kind of fashion portraiture has always really excited me. Fashion itself has also excited me for a long time, because a lot of my friends didn't have the same degree of passion for it. So when there was somebody who cared about the clothes they put on themselves as much as I did, I get kind of excited. And I really want to take photos of it. So when Kelly hit me up to do some photos, I instantly said yes.

This spot underneath the bridge is one of my favourite shoot locations. I loved all the shots I got from this, so I'm really happy to be sharing this. I guess it's really exciting to forego the not divulging people's faces rule on my blog, because the photography that I really enjoy kind of inevitably involves people's faces. And I get the honor of getting everybody's most flattering angles, you know?
There's a part 2 that's scheduled to happen, so hopefully I'll get more shots uploaded.

Today though, I went out with two dear friends of mine, to location scout Cockatoo Island. So much potential, and I'm so excited to see how things will go with the shoot that's planned for that. I didn't take many photos, except one of a badass seagull. I was taking it easy, because the Terrigal trip thoroughly drained me of my energy levels.

Sincerely, M.
Have a seagull.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Terrigal Transitions

A lot of things have happened.
I guess I had always know that this would be a time of change and things will come and go. I guess I just never expected it to turn out the way it has so far. That's not to say that I'm experiencing and end or a beginning of anything in particular, it's just that things are changing.

I'm also starting to like the intimacy of tumblr as a blogging medium. It's interesting. I don't know if I'll stay on it or fluctuate between blogspot and tumblr depending on the content of posts. I will keep posting photos here though. I like how it's therapeutic, and I appreciate my photography friends.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Exam Halls

I did some dslr + tripod selfies (legit photographers call this a self portrait but I'm not even close to legit) but I don't really feel like posting them today (maybe at all?) because I'd feel a little vain and I wouldn't have much to say about them. They're not really dp material either they just look nice, I guess.
Today was a pretty tragic day though. HSC exams have started for real and Paper 2 absolutely ruined everybody this time (no wonder, given it's the last year of this syllabus) and really I haven't been feeling all that motivated with studying since the exam this morning. But hopefully I'll have a boost tomorrow and get some actual work done and feel better. This entire month or so is kind of high intensity, high stress so hopefully we'll all make it out alright. I guess it's some consolation that I've got a week until the exam so I can hopefully get some decent cramming in. And maybe I'll redo my nails. They've been burgundy for too long.
More good news is that my friend gave me the makeup brushes I joint-ordered with her a while ago, so that's good fun. Something that perked up my day, haha. It may be time to convert the milk jar I'm currently using as a pencil tin into a brush holder. Am I a hipster yet?

I took this a while ago, hoping to get enough colour contrast for that little spinning wheel to look awesome, but no. So I just desaturated it and fiddled with everything. It works I guess. Just something to fill the space until more things happen after everything with exams clears up.

I'll talk later!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Belated Balmoral Beach

Oh man, don't you just love a good alliteration. Clearly, I'm gearing up for Paper 1. Although AOS is actually by worst module in English so ... go figure. Anyway, I've thought about blogging about graduation at the time, but I really didn't feel up to it then. Like I was tired and fairly stressed and I didn't want to get myself deeper into all the feelings, so I kept it quiet and I didn't update or anything. Fast forward a few days ... I miss my friends a little, because the ones I'm close to I haven't been able to see, really.

Although the real question is - will going to schoolies with my friends 09-14 NOV severely affect my job-seeking opportunities. #unemployment


Beach day was a really wonderful day. Like yes, our grade was quite scattered and people broke off into their own friendship groups so it was more like 159 people had simultaneous picnics going on at separate places, but really, it wasn't bad. We had fun, and we walked around and had water fights and hugged everybody - generally it was good feelings all around. I'd like more beach picnics in my life though.

I feel like I'm meant to say something about how I feel about graduation, and after reading a few graduation reminiscences (is that the word) ... I feel that it's only right to leave down - somewhere - what I actually feel about all this.
So graduating is a pretty weird feeling. I'm more desensitised to it now, because it's been a week and a bit and all the initial rocky feelings have settled down. Looking back at this past 6 years of school ... I'm quite conflicted. To be honest, in the last few of years of it, I spent a fair portion of it thinking that JRAHS wasn't the place for me. I had my reasons for thinking this, and I think I was justified in thinking those thoughts. But at the same time, I've become the person I am today largely because of the school I've gone to. I can't pinpoint which personality traits I can attribute to JRAHS influence, and it's probably best not to - but I can say JRAHS has been both a good and a bad influence on me. But that goes for all things. Nothing is black and white.
I think I will give people some shout-outs though. Explicit as it is. And well, as exclusive it is. If there's anything that Belonging has taught me - it's that in order to establish a community where you feel included, that necessarily means that somebody has to be excluded. But I guess that's okay, because we can't be friends with the whole of the universe. We just don't have the mental capacity to achieve that (yet?). Anyway. Here goes --

Sandy, for being there from day 1 #startedfromthebottomnowwehere
Sarah, for being constant, loving, and committed
Clement, for opening your heart
Paul, for teaching me some truths
Kevin, for being like a brother to me, and growing up with me
Donna, for being generous, and holding hands with me every step of the way
Jenny, for teaching me enthusiasm, positivity, and resilience
Kelly, for your open arms and warm heart
Sen, for teaching me that it's the skills that matter (not the gear)
Jonathan, for being tolerant and kind
Manjekah, for being an inspiration
Leo, for being my best friend and most loved.

With love, 
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